***Latest news***  || Kaadan institution will participate for the manufacture of wires and eletrical cables in BUILDEX from 12 to 16 may at the fairgrounds Damascus
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Kaadan international was established for the manufacture of electrical cables in 1990, the facility is located in the Syrian Arab Republic in Aleppo .

Kaadan institution produces all types of electrical wires and cables of low and medium tension ,household, telephone and industrial
Accordingly, all kaadan institution"s products are in accordance to the interna-tional standards hereinafter mentioned
Syrian – German – British – International – Electro technical commission 

Kaadan institution uses modern production lines in addition to a group of spe-cialized and qualified human staff who enjoy high technical experiences and use in their production the best kind of raw material according to international standards 

Kaadan institution carries out tests on products by the suitable laboratory equipment, moreover, it performs periodic tests at international labs of high accuracy ,thus so as to make sure of the products" high quality and specifications
Indeed, kaadan institution, endeavors to develop its production and achieve the optimal quality of its products, as well as the best services for its customers, therefore, it has obtained ISO 9001 : 2008 Certificate and Quality Conformity Certificate from Syrian Arab standards and metrology organization 

Standards which is subsidiary to international Electricity commission ( IEC ) At length, it is worthy to mention hereby that kaadan Establishment also seeks to obtain international certificates .